Once the cremation process of the deceased is complete, the remains are normally collected and stored in an urn and if not, in a container that will hold it temporarily. However, most people prefer urns over temporary containers in the storage of some of the ashes.

Storage of ashes is normally done in memory of the deceased. It brings back the fond memories shared with the departed. Choosing the right cremation urns for your loved one is not as easy as it sounds, and the whole process may prove to be overwhelming and distressing.

To make this experience less stressful, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind when buying urns. You first need to determine the size of urn you would like to purchase. Cremation ashes normally weigh about three to seven pounds thus require urns that have an inch capacity of 180 to 220 cubic inches.

Another consideration is the material from which the urn is made. If you would like long lasting material, then metal cremation urns are the best. You can also get urns made from wood as well as ceramic ones.

The design of the urns is also important especially if you would like to have the ashes stored in your home. You may decide to go for urns with a nature theme because the deceased loved nature. You could also opt for a theme that blends in with your homes decor.