How to Manage Your Time While Studying

There are many things to be considered when you are in College. Catching up with your 7 subjects, attending extra-curricular activities in your organization, your part-time job in your school canteen are some example of the things that needs your time.

Then you just realized that you are already stressed with the things you need to do. I am going to help you with your problem with these tips on how to effectively manage your time.

Make a schedule plan

You can buy a calendar where you can write on the dates the things you have to do. You can write there the schedule of your exams, quizzes, projects, extra-curricular events so that you are updated to what’s going on in the future. Then you can also write down in your planner the things you need to do in a week.

Use your free time

You can also use your free time on reading the novels your teacher wants you to read or you can use your free time to study in advance for next week’s exam. You can also read your notes when you are riding a bus, having your lunch and waiting for the washing machine to time up. You can also use long weekends or holidays to spend studying on the subjects that needs more time.

Allot time to yourself and your love ones

You must also allot time for you and your families or boyfriends. You must also allot time on weekends to have an exercise so that it can help you relieve stress.